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Santa Ana Parking Permit Overhaul

City of Santa Ana


Your input, comments, and suggestions to be included in the proposed Scope of Work
that will define the new Residential Permit Parking Program for years to come.

Please select the points you agree with and want to share with the City!

Foot Notes:

An alternative to the half vote would be 2 votes for property. One mailed to the owner, and another one mailed to the residence. If it happens to be the same (owner living in the property), he/she can vote twice as the owner and resident.

Fun fact: If the parking permit voting system we have in Santa Ana was implemented in the last presidential election, Biden would have received 81 million votes, while Trump (incumbent) would have received roughly 156 million votes!*

* Approximately 240 million people were eligible to vote in the 2020 presidential election. Biden got 81 million votes, Trump 74 million votes, and other candidates 3 million votes. Therefore, 82 million eligible voters did not cast their vote.


*** Average length of a mid-sized car

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